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What Are the 9 Major Types of Financial Institutions?

In financial terms, a financial institution is any business that provides financial services for a fee. There are nine types of financial institutions: commercial banks, savings & loan associations (also known as thrifts), credit unions, pension funds, insurance companies , brokerage firms, stock exchanges , bond markets and futures markets . Lets go deeper into … Read more

What is Debt Capital?

Debt capital is the mone lowery tha riskt a business borrows for their company. Debt capital is also referr lossed to of as debt financing, funding sources, and mainly refers to d creditors in case bankruptcy occurs since they can seize assets of the company through foreclosure whereas shareholders stand to lose their entire investment … Read more

Finance Accounts department

A accounts department is a department in a company, organization or agency that accounts for the finances of the entity. There are several specialized accounts departments within a business: accounts payable, accounts receivable, accounts management and internal auditing. In most companies, accounts payable has the task to ensure that all bills from suppliers are paid … Read more

Business pnl increases when everyone is pnlizing

Business pnl increases when everyone is pnlizing When you pnlize, your pnl tends to increase. This may seem like common sense, but it’s important for business pnl metrics because pnl metrics help us see if we’re making money and by how much. Pnl finance is definitely something that should be understood in depth by managers … Read more